Friendster Photos: Let bygones be bygones?

Ever since Facebook came in the picture, many of us forgot all about Friendster. Even I am very guilty as charged! Well, why not? What ever is new always get the most attention especially with those new features like and wall to wall posting. With this new trend, was Friendster jealous? Was it the start of their downfall? Whatever backfire FB caused, still it’s not reason enough to erase everyone’s photos, blogs and info that we have religiously compiled everyday! Geez, I even said before, it will be easier to save and find photos online than burn on a disk and forget some time where I stashed it when needed most! But what the heck? I opened the site and what came up on the screen was a cartoon-packed homepage. Never minding the change, i tried logging in four times. To no avail, it kept on declaring i have no such account of whatsoever!  I can’t even reset my password. Then it came crashing to me! Whaaatttt!? Gone are my Europe photos? How about my memories during radio days? Photos of me and my hubby during courtship days, gone too? It’s really unacceptable! If in any case, someone genius out there knows how to retrieve our life’s treasures, please help!!! Was there any kind of announcement at all? Friendster admin, if you’re reading this, it’s really insane! What you did really sucked.